Hi There! I'm Arletha Garcia.

I am a web developer/designer, creative thinker and problem solver.

My Portfolio

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Rogue Pickings Website

HTML & CSS from Photoshop Design Comp

Rogue Pickings is a one-page website perfect for the small business. It has an about, menu, locations, gallery, reviews and contact sections. All sections and graphic can be customized to a client's needs. I coded this site from a Photoshop image file using HTML5 and CSS3, to build a clean clear translation of the design.

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Jubilee Austen Project

HTML & CSS Website

Jubilee Austen is a single page portfolio site with an about section, three feature items, and a contact section. Any of these can be customized to a client's needs. I coded this site from a Photoshop image file using HTML5 and CSS3 to create a pixel perfect rendering of the design. With a few changes, this site would be perfect for any small business owner who provides services to clients.

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Recipe Collection

HTML & CSS Exercise

This is a bonus project I did to further strengthen my CSS skills. Recipe Collection is a 3-card recipe site demonstrating beautiful and tasty-looking recipes in a stylized box model layout, using extensive CSS styling. I created this site with HTML, CSS, images and style guide provided by Skillcrush. More cards can be added, as well as a navigation bar. This site can be personalized for a client's own recipe collection or as a portfolio page for artists, photographers, and designers.

About Me

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I am passionate about helping people connect with their community.

I am a freelancer based out of Ypsilanti, Michigan. I also have a background in the healing arts. I help small businesses increase their number of monthly leads and product sales by:

  • Improving websites to decrease bounce rates
  • Polishing marketing materials
  • Launching starter social media campaigns
  • Launching email marketing campaigns

Can't wait to work with you!

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